Graft copolymerization of poly (vinyl alcohol) with acrylic acid & acrylamide using benzoyl peroxide to get hydrogel

Author(s): Ajay Singh, M.S.M.Rawat

In this study, graft copolymer of PVA was synthesized by simultaneous cross linking and grafting. Crosslinking was initiated in aqueous medium using benzoyl peroxide.Acrylic acid and acrylamide monomers were used for grafting. Reaction variables- time, temperature & concentrations were optimized for getting desired yield ofmodified polymer. Polymerswere characterized by FT-IR&thermal analysis (TGA/DTA).Modified polymerswere also examined for their swelling behavior in N/10 HCl,N/10 NaOH N/10 NaCl electrolytes and neutral water. Grafted copolymer has shown good absorption capacity upto 350%in alkali&250%inN/10NaCl solutions. On the basis of thermo mechanical behavior and absorption capacities, polymers may find applications in various fields as hydrogel like in controlled release of drugs, long lasting surgical and cosmetic implants.

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