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Flyby Radio Doppler and Ranging Data Anomalies are due to different inbound and outbound velocities in the CMB rest frame

Author(s): Roland Pabisch

The COBE, WMAP, and Planck data analyses exhibit that the CMB rest frame can be seen as a fundamental, absolute space, the CMBspace. All Earth flyby radio Doppler data anomalies can be resolved by applying the general, classical Doppler formula (CMB-Doppler formula) of first order for two-way signals between earthbound Deep Space Network stations and a spacecraft during an Earth flyby. For that purpose, the annually varying absolute velocity vector ue of Earth is used, derived from the absolute velocity vector of the solar system barycenter, usun magnitude 1 369.82 0.11 sun u kms  , in direction of constellation Crater, near Leo. Together with the relative,asymptotic inbound and outbound velocity vectors inv and outv in the equatorial frame, we obtain the absolute inbound and outbound velocity vectors uin and uout in the equatorial frame. The relative, asymptotic inbound and outbound velocities are actually equal in magnitude( ) in out v  v , while the magnitudes of the absolute inbound and outbound velocities of a spacecraft are in general different ( ) in out u  u , leading to the apparent anomaly. Thus the use of the CMB-Doppler formula explains the so far as residual considered positive or negative differences in energy. The measured, different absolute velocities in the CMB rest frame explain the supposed radar ranging data residuals as well.

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