Fabrication of Thin Film Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Conducting Polymer Electrolytes

Author(s): Sarika A. Khapre, S. P. Yawale and Sangita S. Yawale

The polymer electrolytes are promising materials for the ever-growing need for high energy density power sources for power and traction applications. In present study we have prepared solid state battery using polymer electrolyte. Three electrochemical cells were prepared by varying the polymer electrolyte. Electrochemical cells have been fabricated with the configuration Li |polymer electrolyte|(C+I2) and their discharge characteristics were studied. The open circuit voltage (OCV) was observed between 2.54 V and 3.4 V and short circuit current (SCC) 19.8 μA and 120 μA. Other cell parameters were also measured at room temperature such as current density, energy density etc., by using load of 1MΩ.

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