Effect of Coupling Agent on Mechanical Properties and Photodegradability of HDPE-Jute Fibre Composites

Author(s): S. D. Meshram

Jute fibre reinforced HDPE composites of different weight percent of fibre loading.were prepared by melt mixing fillowed by compression moulding. Coupling agent (MAPE) treatment were done to improve the interfacial adhesion between the fibre and HDPE matrix. The fibres were treated with different concentration of MAPE and impregnated for different time period. The composites were exposed to UV radiation for different time period. Mechanical strength were recorded as a function of fibre loading, coupling agent concentration, time of impregnation and time of UV exposure. Mechanical strength of the Jute-HDPE composites increased linearly with the increase in the fibre loading and coupling agent concentration. The extent of photodegradation increased with increasing exposure time period.

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