Drinking Water Quality of Coal Mine Surrounded Lime Industry Area

Author(s): Sunanda S. Aswale, Shashikant R. Aswale and Manoj G. Yeltiwar

This Study aims to analyse the impact of coalmine and lime industries on the drinking water of Rajur Tah. Wani Dist. Yavatmal (M.S). Rajur is one of the biggest lime producers in India surrounded by lime industries and coal mines. In fact the atmosphere around Rajur is so polluted that in the evenings it looks milky and breathing becomes difficult. Therefore it was thought important to find out the quality of drinking water is such a highly polluted area. For this purpose water samples were collected from well, bore well, hand pump and tap from eight different places covering the total Rajur area. The samples were collected for summer season. The physical parameters like temperature, lubricity, TDS and chemical parameters like E.C., pH, DO, BOD, COD alkalinity, hardness, Fe, Mg, Zn, SO4 --, PO3 -, NO3 -, Cl-, F- were measured. The data obtained was compared with that of WHO and IS-10500.

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