Development of Low Cost and Large Area Novel Chemical Synthesis of Chalcogenide Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications

Author(s): S. S. Kawar, K. K. Hurde, S. K. Devade and B. H. Pawar

We deposit CdS/ZnS chalcogenide semiconductor thin films on different substrates by Chemical Bath Deposition Method. We record X-ray diffraction pattern and SEM of the developed samples. It is found that, the average grain size of the CdS/ZnS in the film is 08 to 113 nm. The physical conditions were kept identical while growing all the samples. It is also observed that energy band structure and band gaps get changed because of the grain size of the sample in the films. We predict that the difference in grain size of the CdS/ZnS in the thin films may be because of the binding energy of Cadmium and Zinc in the molecules of CdSO4 and Zn (CH3COO)2. The investigation of the method of synthesis on the grain size and the effect of grain size on the properties of semiconductor is under consideration.

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