Characterization of Phospo-Vanadate Glassy System Using FT-IR Technique

Author(s): K. V. Deshmukh, R. V. Barde and S. A. Waghuley

Phospo-Vanadate glasses have been studied intensively in the recent decades for electrical, optical and thermal properties as well as important applications in piezoelectric, ferroelectrics and non- linear optical device materials. Phospo- Vanadate base glasses are important class of conducting glasses. The glass systems ( xV2O5 –(100- x ) P2O5) with x = 20, 40 and 50 mol % were prepared by melt-quenching approach. The glass system was characterized by FT-IR analysis. All principal bonding in V2O5-P2O5 glasses were confirmed from FT-IR analysis.

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