Applications of Probiotic Bacteria to the Vegetable Pickle Products

Author(s): Reyhan Irkin and Gamze Emmun Songun

The consumption of live lactic acid bacteria (LAB) included in lactic acid fermented foods has been a regular part of the food intake of humans for a long time. Lactic acid fermentation is the simplest and often the safest way of preserving food. In the case of fermented foods, LAB contributes to the flavour, texture, and, in many cases, to the nutritional value of the food products. Between the LAB “probiotic bacteria” can be colonize and proliferate in the intestinal tract of humans and animals to prevent the growth of intestinal pathogens. In recent years, non-dairy-based probiotic products have increased for vegetarians or consumers. Researchers have shown that LAB can decrease the pathogen numbers in vegetable products and they can develop the immune system of the hosts. They can decrease the total cholesterol level in the blood; also they prevent irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) disorders. Lactobacillus plantarum, L. delbrueckii, L. acidophilus, L. casei, L. lactis, L. buchneri could be used as probiotic cultures for production of healthy products. In this review some new researches and applications about the probiotic vegetable pickles are summarized.

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