An Insight in to General Features of IBX (2-Iodoxybenzoic Acid)

Author(s): Pratima Sharma, Navjeet Kaur, Astha Pareek and Dharma Kishore

IBX acid or 2-iodoxybenzoic acid is an organic compound used in organic synthesis as an oxidizing agent. This Periodinane is especially suited to oxidize alcohols to aldehydes. The IBX acid is prepared from 2-iodobenzoic acid, potassium bromate and sulfuric acid1. Frigerio and co-workers have also demonstrated, in 1999 that potassium bromate may be replaced by commercially available Oxone2. One of the main drawbacks of IBX is its limited solubility; IBX is insoluble in many common organic solvents. In the past, it was believed that IBX was shock sensitive, but it was later proposed that samples of IBX were shock sensitive due to the residual potassium bromate left from its preparation.3,4 Commercial IBX is stabilized by carboxylic acids such as benzoic acid and isophthalic acid.

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