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Advantage of Optics & Optical Technologies

Author(s): B. Sreenivasulu

The geometrical, optical, transmission, and mechanical qualities specified in Table 1-1 are used to lay out the optical fibres in ITU-T. However, as indicated in the same table, a few properties do not have a value or a limit specified. Fiber characteristics are those who are kept throughout the cabling and installation process. Only those fibre properties that provide a minimal essential design framework for fibre fabrication are recommended among the fibre attributes (e.g. mode field diameter, cladding diameter, cut-off wavelength, macrobending loss). These attributes also include the chromatic dispersion coefficient. Cable characteristics are recommended for cables delivered in factory lengths. Because they will be affected by the cabling procedure, the attenuation coefficient and hence the polarisation mode dispersion (PMD) coefficient are listed among the cable properties. Concatenat is characterised by link characteristics.

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