Acoustical Studies of Benzamide In Binary Mixture of Water With Ethanol and 2-Pro

Author(s): M. K. Chandak, H. V. Burghate, P. D. Sawalakhe and S. S. Sonare

Ultrasonic velocity and density measurement at different concentrations of benzamide were carried out in the mixture of water with the solvents ethanol and 2-propanol respectively for investigating solute-solvent interactions.The data obtained during the study is used for determining the most significant acoustic parameters like adiabatic compressibility (βs), apparent molar compressibility (Φk), specific acoustic impendence (Z) and intermolecular free length (Lf). These parameters have been used to explore the interactions between benzamide in different compositions of water-ethanol and water-2- propanol system at 303.15 k.

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