A Sustainable and Economical Approach to Water Treatment: A Review in Context of India

Author(s): Maneet Goyal

Recent papers related to the field of water purification, environmental economics and biosorption were studied and are reviewed. Considering the existing economic disparity and sustainability concerns in the developing and underdeveloped nations and the incapability of the rural people to afford modern fancy water purifiers, we present some economical water treatment processes. All the prescribed methods were also found to be eco-friendly and technically efficient. For reducing the turbidity of water, we discuss the use of Sari and Burlap cloth sheets and Moringa Oleifera powder. For improving the aesthetic qualities of water, we have used the sand and gravel filtration approach wherein the water is passed through different layers of sand and gravels before being consumed. For removing disease causing microorganisms from water, use of SODIS technique, copper pots, and biosand filter is advocated. Finally, for the removal of inorganic chemical contaminants and radioactive substances, various biosorbents are discussed

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