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A Production of Polyurethane using Advanced Renewable Based Polyol: A Review

Author(s): Saidu Hassan Musa* and Umar Aliyu Ahmed

Traditionally, polyol used in the synthesis of polyurethane is derived from petrochemicals that are non-renewable. Due to the nonrenewability of these petrochemical feedstocks, attention is now on renewable feedstock (vegetable oil) for the production of polyol for polyurethane synthesis. Since there are several vegetable oils available from which polyol can be derived, this paper reviewed the development in the last decade in the synthesis of polyurethane from different vegetable oil-based polyols. The review revealed that vegetable oils such as soybean oil polyol, castor seed oil polyol, and palm oil have been used in the production of polyol in the last decade and are more environmentally friendly. The review showed that the use of vegetable oils-based polyol in the production of polyurethane is economically and environmentally friendly. However, there are still different natural plant oils from which polyol can be derived in the production of polyurethane.

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