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A Preliminary Study on the Development of Donkey Milk Based Fermented Product

Author(s): Efstathia Tsakali, Konstantina Bosdra, Nikolaos R. Giannopoulos, Spiridon Koulouris, Dimitra Houhoula, John Tsaknis, Simen Akkermans and Jan FM Van Impe

Donkey milk’s nutritional properties make it similar to human milk more than any other mammal milk, it is rich in antimicrobials and it has also been classified as hypoallergenic. Nowadays, donkey milk is again under investigation for the exploration of its functions. Due to its high price and its low fat, donkey milk is not considered ideal for commercial use especially for fermented products but due to the increased awareness for allergies it could be an excellent alternative. The aim of this study was to explore ways of producing a yoghurt-style product from donkey milk using only traditional material and methods. Donkey milk was used alone and in combination with other milks and also different cultivation methods were tested. Finally, the most successful products were tested for their sensory characteristics and their acceptance by the consumers. The results are encouraging and they indicate that a yoghurt-style product from donkey milk, without additives, is possible with the addition of other milk, in limited amount, and its sensory characteristics may be well received.

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