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Veterinary Parasitology

 Veterinary parasitology is that the study of parasites and their animal hosts. The study includes examining the connection between the parasite and host also because the life cycle of the parasite itself. Because animals are one of the common hosts to parasites and as animals can't prevent for themselves, parasites can lead to severe health concerns. Three sorts of parasites are ectoparasites, endoparasites, and epiparasites. Ectoparasites survive top of the host's skin like fleas and mites. Endoparasites live inside the host, samples of these are heartworms or hookworms. Epiparasites are organisms that feed on other parasites. Eat more raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, pomegranates, beets, and carrots, all of which are used traditionally to kill parasites. In one study, researchers found that a mix of honey and papaya seeds cleared stools of parasites in 23 out of 30 subjects. Drink tons of water to assist flush out your system