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Translational medicine, also known as translational medical science, preclinical research, evidence-based research, or disease-targeted research, area of research that targets to enhance human health and longevity by knowing the need to human disease of novel recognition in the biological sciences. Translational medicine is a fast growing discipline in biomedical research and targets to expedite the discovery of new diagnostic equipments and cures by using a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative;”bench-to-bedside" approach. Within public health, translational medicine is focused on ensuring that proven strategies for disease cure and prevention are actually deployed within the community. One persistent description of translational medicine, first introduced by the Institute of Medicine's Clinical Research Roundtable, highlights two roadblocks (i.e., distinct areas in need of improvement): the first translational block (T1) averts basic research findings from being tested in a clinical setting; the second translational block (T2) averts proven interventions from becoming standard practice.

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