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The tilapia is a warm freshwater fish, yet a couple of creature assortments change in accordance with living in the sea. At first from Africa, it was acclimatized in Asia, America and Europe during the second half of the twentieth century. It has a short body solicited in little extensions and a long dorsal sharp edge. It has been viably developed in tropical regions since it is solid, breeds well and creates quickly.Tilapia is the customary name of a social event of cichlids endemic to Africa. The social affair contains three aquaculturally critical genera Oreochromis, Sarotherodon and Tilapia. A couple of characteristics perceive these three genera, yet maybe the most essential relates to regenerative direct. All tilapia species are home designers; rewarded eggs are observed in the home by a brood parent. Sorts of both Sarotherodon and Oreochromis are mouth brooders; eggs are set up in the home yet watchmen rapidly get the eggs in their mouths and hold them through incubating and for a couple of days in the wake of deliver. In Oreochromis species just females practice mouth anguishing, while in Sarotherodon species either the male or both male and female are mouth brooders. Tilapia has a low to coordinate fat substance, and is a rich wellspring of first class protein. A food mark for a 3 ounce cooked piece of tilapia is given. Supplement levels can be affected by the fixings and cooking procedure used to prepare tilapia filets.