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Surgery is a manual or mechanical intervention that involves cutting the patient’s tissues, or closure of an already current damage or wound. Surgery demands certain features and situations which includes a sterile environment, anesthesia, antiseptic measures, suturing, and specialized surgical operates. Surgical research involves studies on human biology that advantages surgical care; it is able to be classified into 3 principal categories: discovery (organic sciences), development (bioengineering), and delivery (population studies).Open Access is the most modern contribution of pulsus group in the direction of the progress in medical science. The magazine welcomes all forms of research communications for open get right of entry to window. The frequency of difficulty release is quarterly, and strictly supported via peer-evaluate process. The primary intention of the journal is to make all the informations freely to be had no matter special socio-financial barriers, which similarly will help inside the development of medical science. Moreover, the journal intends to build up all of the timely studies information on clinical surgical treatment and its related studies for the powerful contribution within the discipline of surgical methods and technologies.

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