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Scholarly Fermentation Journal

The impact of aging on physicochemical properties and oxalate substance of cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta) flour was assessed. The cocoyam, white tissue was cleaned, washed, stripped, cut into chips of 2–2.5 cm thickness, absorbed faucet water and left to age for 24 h and 48 h. The aged cocoyam was then depleted, dried in bureau dryer at 60∘C for 24 h and processed. The flour tests were gone through a 45 μm work size sifter. Unfermented cocoyam flour was additionally delivered and filled in as a control. Calcium oxalate and some physicochemical properties of flours from the aged cocoyam were contrasted and the unfermented flour. Results demonstrated that maturation affected a huge decrease in oxalate level (58 to 65%) contingent upon the aging time frame. The amylose content was higher in 48 h matured flour (55.52%) than in 24 h (54.55%). Sticking (gelatinization) temperature diminished, and water retention limit expanded particularly because of aging.