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 Cognitive ergonomics is the correction of creation human system interface likeminded with human cognitive capabilities and limitations, mainly at work. The practical aim is to improve work conditions and human performance, as well as safety and health, and to avoid human error and unnecessary load and stress concerned with mental processes, Cognitive task analysis is a general term for the set of methods used to identify the mental demands and cognitive skills needed to complete a task. Frameworks like GOMS provide a formal set of methods for identifying the mental activities required by a task and an artefact, such as a desktop computer system such as discernment, memory, reasoning, and motor rejoinder, as they affect interactions among humans and other elements of a system. Cognitive is an evolving branch of ergonomics which spaces specific emphasis on the analysis of cognitive processes essential of operators in modern industries and similar milieus there are numerous dissimilar models which designate the criteria for designing user-friendly technology.  

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