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Products are categorised into various types supported their relation with microbial growth. There are three sorts of products. • Growth associated products. • Non-Growth associated products. • Mixed mode product formation. In growth associated products, product is made alongside the expansion of the microbial cells and merchandise concentration is nearly directly proportional to microbial rate of growth. Whereas in non-growth associated products, product formation is nowhere related with rate of growth of microbial cells but it’s a function of cell concentration and that we can say that product formation and microbial rate of growth are almost inversely proportional to every other. A review is a piece of writing that summarizes the present state of understanding on a subject. A review surveys and summarizes previously published studies, instead of reporting new facts or analysis. Review articles are sometimes also called survey articles or, in news publishing, overview articles. Academic publications that concentrate on review articles are referred to as review journals.  

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