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A polymer is a concoction compound with atoms fortified together in long, rehashing chains. Due to their structure, polymers have one of a kind properties that can be custom fitted for various employments. Polymers are both man-made and normally happening. Elastic, for instance, is a characteristic polymeric material that has been utilized for a large number of years. It has great versatile characteristics, the aftereffect of a sub-atomic polymer chain made by the compelling force of nature. Another regular polymer is shellac, a pitch created by the lac bug in India and Thailand, which is utilized as a paint preliminary, sealant, and varnish. The most widely recognized regular polymer on Earth is cellulose, a natural compound found in the cell dividers of plants. It is utilized to deliver paper items, materials, and different materials, for example, cellophane. Man-made or engineered polymers incorporate materials, for example, polyethylene, the most well-known plastic on the planet found in things going from shopping sacks to capacity holders, and polystyrene, the material used to make pressing peanuts and expendable cups. Some manufactured polymers are malleable (thermoplastics), while others are for all time unbending (thermosets). Still others have elastic like properties (elastomers) or take after plant or creature filaments (manufactured strands). These materials are found in a wide range of items, from bathing suits to cooking container.

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