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Pharmacochemistry In Research Industries

 Pharmacochemistry is a branch of chemistry which deals with pharmaceutical drug production. The pharmacochemistry applies the epidemiology methods to the clinical pharmacology content area. Epidemiology inquiry methods, Clinical pharmacology on investigation subject, Applies epidemiology methods to the clinical pharmacology content field. Open-access articles on pharmacochemistry are dedicated to providing analyzes, observations and data relating to essential pharmacochemical issues. The principles of pharmacochemistry, combined with statistical mechanical concepts and readily available computer resources, allow a thorough understanding of atomic and molecular phenomena using increasingly realistic models. Simultaneous use of meso-scale and macro-scale methods opens up a multi-scale simulation of complex processes that offers a key tool to assist in the design of the process. These simulation approaches have also contributed to the development of new semi-theoretical state equations that make it possible to implement improved predictive capacity in process simulators and pave the way for real product design methodologies. The scope of experimental advances is also expanded by the increased use of complementary data (calorimetry, spectroscopy, etc.) to ensure a consistent and accurate image of the structure of the microscopic fluid and the behavior of the macroscopic process.  

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