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 Pharmacochemistry is a branch of chemistry which deals with the pharmaceutical drug development. Pharmacochemistry applies approaches of the epidemiology to the clinical pharmacology material field. Epidemiology testing techniques, investigational clinical pharmacology, clinical pharmacology approaches in the area of clinical pharmacology. Pharmacochemistry seriously and as a discipline have the required roles to play in studying Cause and effect, Risk Association Studies, Drug Use Studies, Clinical Prescription Analysis and Up, Patient Compliance Assessment, Medication Error Studies, etc. Pharmacochemistry is a valuable method for collecting useful knowledge for physicians, researchers and decision makers. Pharmacochemistry Journal is one of pharmacochemistry-related High Impact Journals. The Pharmacochemistry project offers a forum for the publishing of new studies on pharmacochemistry and related fields of study. At the moment our primary research aim is to promote and assist the development of better and faster research activity steps. For cases where we think we can actively contribute, as opposed to by highlighting others' work, we create our own publishing activity initiatives. Our work in the pharmacochemistry and related fields is of primary interest to investors, organizations and individuals researching.  

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