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Pharmaceutical care is a patient-centered, outcome-oriented pharmacy career that allows the pharmacist to work with the patient and other health care providers to maintain safety, prevent disease, and evaluate, monitor, prescribe, and modify drug use to ensure safe and effective drug regimens. The goal of Pharmaceutical Treatment is to improve the patient's health-related quality of life, and achieve positive clinical results within reasonable economic spending. The top jounals in pharmaceutical care are committed to providing analyzes, observations and data relevant to critical issues in understanding pharmaceutical treatment. Pharmaceutical care is a journal dedicated to the production of analysis, insights and data on issues of importance in the understanding of pharmaceutical care. Open-access Pharmaceutical Care Articles from Trade Science Inc. are leading open-access journals that seek to release issues on a quarterly basis and are committed to publishing new findings in the field of pharmaceutical care. The Pharmaceutical Care Mission provides a forum for the publication of new findings on pharmaceutical care.
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