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Open Access Molecular Profiling Journal

 Molecular profiling is currently widely pursued both in academic settings by institutions or collaborative groups, and in commercial settings by various companies that offer NGS facilities for tumor samples provided by oncologists. There is undoubtedly a wealth of information available, but the optimal ways to harness these data and ensure that they are implemented appropriately in clinical settings are still controversial. At an institutional level, multiple academic cancer centers have set up individual programs to allow large-scale sequencing efforts of either archival or fresh biopsy tissue. As discussed earlier, various reports of such studies have shown feasibility of implementation of such molecular profiling programs, although detection rates are variable and clinical utility and impact patient outcome largely unknown. Nonetheless, systematic profiling of tumor material allows for a framework through which patients can be optimally matched to studies with MTAs also allowing the retrospective analyses of databases that may further yield insight into the molecular.  

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