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These are a category of corticosteroids, which successively are a category of steroid hormones and are produced within the cortex and influence salt and water balances. The primary mineralocorticoid is aldosterone. It may be a corticosteroid hormone and aldosterone, the most mineralocorticoid, is important for regulation of salt and water within the body. It increases sodium re-absorption by an action on the distal tubules of the kidney. A group of hormones under mineralocorticoidsthat regulate the balance of ions like sodium and potassium within the body. The mineralocorticoid hormones act  specifically on the tubules of the kidney.Glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids are steroid hormones classically thought to be secreted exclusively by the adrenal glands. Locally synthesized glucocorticoids regulate activation of immune cells, while locally synthesized mineralocorticoids regulate blood volume and pressure