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Medical Journals In Therapeutic Drugs

Marine drugs have been used as therapeutic drug for various diseases like cancer, typhoid, cholera etc, Hymenialdisine (HMD), a sponge-derived natural product reported as human kinase inhibitors with nanomolar activity. Several antitumor antibiotics like aporphine alkaloids have been isolated from marine actinomycetes. Several marine-derived compounds used as anticancer agents are undergoing promising preclinical and clinical development. Therefore, the marinederive dactinomycetes act as a prominent reservoir for novel drug molecules and answer to several diseases. An international, peer-reviewed, open access journal that spans the spectrum of drug design and development through to clinical applications. The journal is characterized by the rapid reporting of application notes, reviews, original research and clinical studies in all therapeutic areas. Clinical outcomes, patient safety, and programs for the development and effective, safe, and sustained use of medicines will be a feature of the journal.