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Melanoma, otherwise called dangerous melanoma, is a kind of skin malignant growth that creates from the shade delivering cells known as melanocytes. Melanoma is the most perilous kind of skin malignant growth. Melanomas regularly happen in the skin however may once in a while happen in the mouth, digestive organs or eye, n ladies, they most usually happen on the legs, while in men they most ordinarily happen on the back.[2] About 25% of melanomas create from moles. Changes in a mole that can show melanoma remember an expansion for size, unpredictable edges, change in shading, irritation or skin breakdown. The essential driver of melanoma is bright light (UV) introduction in those with low degrees of the skin color melanin. Utilizing sunscreen and keeping away from UV light may forestall melanoma. Treatment is regularly evacuation by medical procedure. In those with marginally bigger malignant growths, close by lymph hubs might be tried for spread metastasis.  

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