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Contamination of sea-going biological systems is a danger not exclusively to the amphibian condition, yet in addition to the fundamental action of people and every living life form. An exceptional spot in this arrangement is involved by pharmaceuticals. Got dried out zeolite is a microcrystalline "wipe" in which the pore volume is up to half of the volume of the zeolite structure. Such a structure, having a passageway window distance across of 0.3 to 1.0 nm (contingent upon the kind of zeolite), is a profoundly dynamic adsorbent. In the current work, the adsorption properties of the normal and altered types of the clinoptilolite zeolite from the Georgian Handaky store as for some fluoroquinolones , just as cephalosporins were examined. The investigation of the adsorption procedure was done in unique conditions. Fundamental data about the activity of the zeolite sorbent layer was gotten by building yield bends in the directions C/Co - τ, where C is the grouping of the segments of poisons, τ is time. The investigations were done before the total advancement of the zeolite layer. From the realistic information were determined: dynamic (advertisement) and harmony (aeq.) movement; the hour of the defensive activity of the sorbent layer (τ); the length of the mass exchange zone (Lo) and the level of utilization of the sorbent layer (η). Each control anti-infection was resolved quantitatively in test arrangements utilizing the HPLC strategy approved as for framework appropriateness test, explicitness, linearity-run, precision breaking point of location (LOD) and quantitation (LOQ). Thus, this examination showed and demonstrated that characteristic zeolite could be a successful adsorbent for expulsion of the chose anti-infection agents from wastewaters. 

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