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 Hypoglycemia happens when blood glucose levels fall under 4 mmol/L (72mg/dL).    While a significant number of us consider diabetes being an issue of high glucose levels, the medicine a few people with diabetes take drug that can likewise cause their sugar levels to go excessively low and this can get perilous.    WHAT IS HYPOGLYCEMIA?    Hypoglycemia happens when the degree of glucose present in the blood falls under a set point:    Under 4 mmol/L (72mg/dL)    Monitoring the early indications of hypoglycemia will permit you to treat your low blood glucose levels rapidly – so as to bring them over into the typical range.    It is additionally prescribed to make dear loved ones mindful of the indications of hypoglycemia in the event that you neglect to perceive the side effects.    WHAT ARE THE Side effects OF HYPOGLYCEMIA?    The primary indications related with hypoglycemia are:    Perspiring    Weariness    Feeling mixed up    Side effects of hypoglycemia can likewise include:

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