Horticulture is that the agriculture of plants, mainly for food, materials, comfort and wonder for adornment. Horticulturists apply knowledge, skills, and technologies to grow intensively produced plants for human food and non-food uses and for private or social needs. Their work involves plant propagation and cultivation with the aim of improving plant growth, yields, quality, nutritional value and resistance to insects, diseases and environmental stresses. They work as gardeners, growers, therapists, designers, and technical advisors within the food and non-food sectors of horticulture. The word horticulture is modeled after agriculture, and comes from the Latin hortus "garden" and cultura "cultivation", from cultus, the right passive participle of the verb colō "I cultivate". Hortus is cognate with the native English word yard (in the meaning of land related to a building) and also the borrowed word garden.  

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