Dolichos Yellow Mosaic Virus

300 Dolichos bean (Lablab purpureus) genotypes were screened against Dolichos Yellow Mosaic Virus (DYMV) malady. Beginning screening was done under field conditions, where malady rate was determined for every genotype. Along these lines, selfed offspring of 34 symptomless lines were tested by sap vaccination under field conditions, out of which just three genotypes, viz. VRSEM-894, VRSEM-887 and VRSEM-860 didn't show any manifestations. Utilizing root tail of defenseless genotype (Ankur Goldy), these three putative symptomless genotypes were additionally tested by uniting. The safe responses of VRSEM-894, VRSEM-887 and VRSEM-860 were affirmed, as significantly following 60 days of effective uniting, no popular side effect showed up on all the joined plants of these genotypes. When exposed to PCR enhancement with DYMV coat protein quality explicit preliminary, these three symptomless genotypes didn't show any intensification, proposing that there was no disease of Dolichos Yellow Mosaic Virus in those genotypes.

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