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, Volume: 9( 2) DOI: 10.37532/2320-6756.2021.9(2).210

The Biofission Technology in Diffusing Weapons of Bio-war and Corona-Virus Epidemic Using Geo-Cosmic Radiation Strike an Environmental Conservation

Dr. Ram Swarup, Director
Bharat Group of Institutions, NCR Sonepat-131025, Haryana, India

Received: Apr 03, 2021; Accepted: Apr 16, 2021; Published: Apr 24, 2021

Citation:Dr. Ram Swarup, The Biofission Technology in Diffusing Weapons of Bio-war and Corona-Virus Epidemic Using Geo- Cosmic Radiation Strike an Environmental Conservation J Phys Astron.2021.9(2).210


The proposed investigation named “The Biofission” is the permanent solution of the future suspected Bio-War and the Covid-19 Epidemic endangering the life survival on the earth surrounded with the mysterious toxic pollution is ridden environment as a danger of future generations also. Anthrax Coronavirus with next-generation Genome sequencing and Bio-War Weapons attack etc. are emerging as the biggest challenge to science menacing living beings with psychic terror based anxiety mental disorders quite congruous to the suspected possibility of Nuclear-Star-War in near future. The theoretical principle of “Quantum Formulation of Generalized Bio-Cell” with Nano-Quantum Tunnelled Transport of Energy and Matter both Vivo & Vetro by Genetically Coded Electronic Network may intelligently Magneto Dynamic filter the isolation of Toxic entities accumulated on one electrode (Forced Bioelectrolysis) for their further disintegration by Ionizing and non-ionizing signal strike for Transformations of Energy and Chemical yields. The Bio Fission has been initiated with the natural support of Spectrally Splitter Solar Light as well as Artificially Intelligent Radiation Signal Strike Gun-targeting the defence against virus generations invasions. The plants may be sensitized to act as Bio-Antenna to safely Capture Earthling the viral infection for Safe Storage in due Radar-Satellite Command and Control. The RASER tunnel trafficked trapped coronavirus atomic sequenced material caved in atmospheric dust after decomposition may be earthed for Soil fertilization for speedy Agriculture Production and Consolidation of the desired Biosynthesis.


Biofission, Corona, Geo-cosmic radiation


The mysterious Coronavirus genome sequencing invaded disaster namely the covid-90 epidemic is still uncontrolled supposed to be beyond the reach of Science & Medical Engineering Technology [1,2]. Despite global scientists, collaborations to fight out this vigorous health hazard and life loss-making menace, only the chemical medicine synthesis, vaccination and syrup making trials are observable on the research and development frontal endeavours. The suspicion of other such infections as tests for imposing Biological War Weapon menace in future, the proposed eradicative technology solution trial to diffuse all such unwanted species/entities contaminating the environment had been investigated. The Magneto-Radiofrequency-Radioactivity-Signal imposed Nano-Quantum-Tunnelling Trafficking through Nuclear Tracks makes the RASER irradiated Barrier Penetration in thin-film skin of 70 nm-80 nm size coronavirus genome sequencing diffusing its energy by Josephson junction battery electric current and Zwitterionic Bipolar Displacement currents as Bio-Energy Electrical Transformation extinguishing the viral spread + Ignited Corona Capture for Safe Storage In Atmospheric dust & Solid wastes Caving [3,4] Electronic fenced filtered structuring Saddling for Soil Fertilization. Disaster control as well as resource yield Energy+Organic Farming supporting Environment-Friendly assets simultaneously with Bio-War wear-free happy & Healthy lifestyle.

Materials and Methods

Coronavirus seems to be most intelligent with sharp smelling sweet poison tasting nano-size nose and tongues Fly like Torch to observe host site in supersonic speedy attack to be detected by Artificially made signal sensing AI Polymer Nose and Polymer Tongue or MRFR-Sensitized Plants as well as Atmospheric Solid wastes, Fluid & Gases [5,6]. The medicine vaccine trial on patients is also overpowered by Coronavirus new generations Strain infections associated with its Genome sequencing. For resistant host systems by vaccination, the Coronavirus intelligently alters its host attack strategy by changing its own protein structuring rearrangement for which the human body cannot recognize new type viral invasion resulting in Strain infection of the new generation. Although, the toxinations on new Corona strain UVI-202012/01 safety effect had been confirmed by Oxford University Senior Scientist Prof. Sir John Bell stating that Corona Vaccine alerts the body nervous system ductless glands communication to train to fight Pathogen. Vaccine alerts the body immunity conservation and synthesis of Antibodies/proteins so as to fight out viral pathogens but if viral mutation occurred prior to that time then this new viral shape cannot be recognized by the body system resulting new disease again just as in African countries. Prof. François Blocks of University college of London Genetic Institute Director, said that South Africa needs Genome sequencing tests. University of Reading Cellular Microbiologist Dr. Simon Clark tells that existence of 3-type new S-Gene, N-Gene & ORCLAB GENE of RT-PCR are recognition of new ailments. But in Britain Strain S-gene is not found but viral infected patents contain all 3-genes that means old infection already contain Strain infection i.e. case of South Africa Strain infection detection is tough under consistent research and investigation process. Dr. Ram Swarup, Director Bharat group of institution of India, said that as per surveys made in India out of all total nineteen categories of new generation virus in this Genome Sequencing only the S:N440K was found most Toxic most Toxic having 2.1% more disease making, regarding India made First COVAXIN to most safe and as per Health Ministry Government of India report, samples were collected from India returning migrants for Genome Sequencing tested by Bangalore National Institute of health and Neuron Sciences Lab-3, CCMB-Hyderabad Lab-2 and National institute of Virology scientists tested 1-sample and remedial strategic plan is laid out with a new case confirmation in UP State. For the definite Technology remedy of this disaster strategic plan with Electronic Detection by Bio-Energy Transport by Artificial Intelligent MRFR-Nuclear Radiation Interaction Radar-Satellitic Command & Control on JJ-Zwitterionic Displacement current signals communication technology with Josephson Junctions made in Guest Host Bio cells collision control has been tried [7].

The Electrostatic Structuring in Corona virus reveals some missing Hydrogen atoms engaged as proton striking particles information of gas hydrates in forced bio-energy production responsible for injecting spike genetic proteins imposed in natural respiratory tube lines hindering gas flow in lungs of host species. This is a highly perturbed respiratory system state of diseased lungs with Corona viral effect further on the blood purification Oxygen supply of Cardiac system entering in the whole body of host species. The hydrophobic amino acids serve as a new class of kinetic inhibitors for inhaled gas sustainable blood Oxygen supply hindrance indicating Corona positive disease. This is sensed as a bipolar zwitterionic anomalous radiation type displacement currents i.e. coupled two functional groups of opposite polarity NH2++ and CO-- at the two ends of genetic proteins in the host species. Transiently, Salt bridge breaking with strike of Corona spike genetic proteins trap for a period called in infection time in the order of microseconds. The bio-energy transmission by Zwitterionic Betains can not be isomerise to all-neutral form such as when +ve charge is located on quaternary, for study of Bio energy transport in the potein molecules, pure polyethylene pellets were used to measure background TRANSMISSION RAMAN SPECTRA excited by coherent hermaphrodite inner salts electrolytically neutral dispersed compounds worth of Medical Chemistry design considering when working with ACID-BSE or neutral leads Alkaline Covalent/+ion bonding for disease detection by Isoelectric point represented as (pI, PHCI, IEP) for which one may enumerate [8-10]:

• The Inner Salt point at which the pH value having molecular charge value to be neutral.

•The usual states in which the net charge on a molecule is greatly affected by the pH of its surrounding environment [11].

•The case in which molecule can become more charged +ve or -ve as a result of gain or loss in the number of protons H+ as missing migrants from Corona like infection which can be recorded [12,13].

• One may find that in Amino acids NH2++ the Amino group is effective Proton-Acceptor and CO- is Proton-Donor.

• In addition the solubility of a molecule at a given pH is also affected by the pI value of isoelectric point perturbed by Coronavirus type infection mechanism described by



Zwitterions are nano materials of varying size on pH dependence and are of great interest in Medical science researches [14]. The more common ones poly(ethylene glycol) much stable and having ability to avoid both the ACCELERATED BLOOD CLEARANCE and ALLERGIC REACTION prevention [15-17]. So most useful in safeguarding Covid-19 type Epidemics. The nobel class of Zwitterionic based NPs has been chemically produced and a method to independently control the invasions by nano particle size virus like Corona as well as immunity defence fight by varying size, weight and degradation time using Electronic Fenced imprisonment of virus disintegration as well as host species protection fortification. The whole complex mechanism may be recorded by in Magneto-Dynamic spectrometer online for Corona Command & Control Technology strategy [18,19].

Theoretical Review

The Mathematical Generating Function ‘F’ of Quantum Mechanics may serve theoretically describe the functional dynamics description of both the un anatomic physical as well as anatomic bio matters. It may be written as [20];



Where ‘Pn‘ represents the momentum operator in dynamical mode ‘n’ and H the Hamiltonian used in most fundamental quantum equation enumerating the quantized discrete Energy Eigenvalues ’En’ as an integer multiple of definite unit called the quanta ( hϖ / 2π ) ‘h’ being planks constant [h= 6.62 × 10-27 ergs seconds] associated with any system geometrically described by it’s Eigenfunction ‘Ψ’ as below [20]:



Experimental Techniques

Thin nanofilms like Coronavirus wire width 50-nanometre gas-filled ion sources with Magneto Dynamic Spectrometer FIG. 1.


Figure 1: Research team of working scientists.

Results and Discussion

Josephson junction radiatve activation for bio energy and material transport

THz radiation measurements with superconducting HTSC Josephson Junction (JJ) detector by Planner Antenna matched to millimetre wavelength radiation frequency have the major advantage of experimental observation ability in functioning of nano materials in biostate. The system performance is found highly sensitive to impedance mismatch between the Antenna in host cell and the Josephson Junction of virus just as in case of Covid-19 epidemic for which optimization criteria due to Fermat’s needs an Artificial Intelligent (AI) alternation in RADAR Antenna structure in the host automatically regulated in the proposed attachments based on the theoretically analyzed and advanced electromagnetism stimulations. The optimization of bio cell strips in host and guest species dimensions made by RASER-signal strike which affects both the detection magnitude and the frequency of reflection coefficient dip. Accordingly, 2-Au bow-tie antennas with different match strip widths were fabricated. The RC-Coupling of such antenna are connected to the Electronic Networking with Plant world as Hybrid Antenna Relay system to shield and decompose the unwanted bio invasions and to promote the useful ones for environmental conservation biosynthetic transformations in the BIOFISSION Reactor working depicted in Figure-1. Making use of JJ as Macroscopic Quant Mechanical device which is made between superconductors communications amongst species made up of weak linking i.e. an electric current that flows infinitely long without any input voltage applied across the devices. The weak link may consist of 2 a thin insulating barriers known as Superconductor-Insulator-Superconducting-Junction (SIS) a start section of Non superconducting Bio Cell Layers (S-N-S-B), or physical constriction that weakens the superconductivity of the point of contacts thus weakening the Covid type infection just like Quantum mechanical currents behaviours like SQUIDS created in the atmosphere by such interactions. In the π-JJ Josephson Junction in which the phase φ=π in the Ground state, i.e. when no external current or magnetic field is applied (Thin Insulating Tunnel Barrier like Nuclear Track, normal metal, superconductor, ferromagnetic material etc. which transport infection energy and mass in ground state the Atmospheric dust or Soil on Earth Crust/Mountains etc. for safe storage and utilization. As a result, for such a multilayer super fenced surface (SFS) of certain thickness the F-layers and Temperatures, the order parameter may become +1 at one end of superconducting electrode NH2 ++ & -1 at CO- the other superconducting end. In protein genetic transition Amino part NH2 ++ acts as proton acceptor whereas carboxyl group CO- functions as proton donor. In this situation, one gets π-JJ Josephson Junction structuring F-layers, the competition of different solutions takes place on the one with the lower energy the host species in micro 10-6 cms size wins out sucking the energy and chemical fluids in vapour phase of striking virus like nano size (70- 80) × 10-9 cms Corona being in the 103 times more higher energy state i.e. a phase reversal under RASER-Signal strike. Non Equilibrium Ionic-Distribution state in atmosphere due to Corona virus spread is thus balanced In RASER stricken state as the Corona energy transfer nucleate the aerosols of atmosphere for drop condensation cloud making confining debris of virus genomes in the rest solid waste part as caves electronic fenced structuring in the environment to be earthed by forced trafficking of disaster causing entities such as Ebola, Anthrax, Corona etc. through Nuclear Tracks nano quantum tunnelling, Quantu Mechanical currents like RF-SQUIDS between the Corona virus and host species and artificial raining etc. Besides, Electronic regulation of Bio- Zwitterionic NPS interactions amongst host guest CFD evaluation need to be used for anomalous environmental impact responsible for Covid-19 epidemic crisis control by signal strikes. Radiation Influenced Zwitteric Switching for accelerated blood clearance & allergic reactions. Zwitterions are intelligent materials in systems of varying size on pH dependence of great Medical Science interest. To a more common ones poly (ethylene glycol) with great affinity to their superior stability and ability to AVOID both the Accelerated Blood Clearance and Allergic Reactions. The Nobel Class of Zwitterions based on nano particles (NPs) size ‘Ln” degradation Time “Td” & polymer molecular weight “Mp” had to bear with the dependence on entities in Environmental “RADIATION BEING MOST AFFINITY” as demonstrated in BIOFISSION experimental findings of this investigation. The tracks formed by primary particles (LETH2O>or=5KeV/μm) between Primaries and heavy targets physical or bio species in the following picture.

Radiation Striked Latent Track (let) Formation Mechanism


Figure 2: Air crew dosimetry born detection range must be powerful in penetrated diffusion of bio disintegration leaving track as per following figure; radiated ion energy dependent online recording.


Figure 3: Bragg curves measured by HIMAC inline ion chamber/binary filter.


Figure 4: ICCHIBAN project.



(Inter Comparison of Cosmic rays with Ion Beams to Disintegrate Corona)

• Determine the response of space radiation dosimeters to up to heavy ions of charge and energy that found in the galactic cosmic radiation (GCR) spectrum.

• Compare response and sensitivity of various space radiation monitoring instruments. Aid in reconciling differences in measurements made by various radiation instruments during space flight.

• Establish and characterize a heavy ion “reference standard” against which space radiation instruments can be calibrated.