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UVA Radiation Studying Effect on Morphological Structure, Biochemical and Antioxidant Properties of Yellow Mustard

Author(s): Abu Bakr El-Bediwi1*, A. Abdelrazek1, RH. Ebrahim2, Hamed M El-Shora3

Plants are living chemical factories for enormous array of the secondary metabolites but the production by plants of compounds useful as medicines or raw materials for manufacture of medicines is influenced by ultraviolet radiation. The aim of research is to investigate the effect of UVA on structure, biochemistry and physiology for yellow mustard. The results show internal structure and chemical composition of yellow mustard changed after exposure to UVA for different times and dissimilar distances. Glutathione and total phenolic in yellow mustard increased but total proline and tocopherol in it decreased after exposed by UVA. Total flavonoids in yellow mustard varied after exposure to UVA for different time and dissimilar distances.

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