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Unified Dark Energy and Dark Matter from Rute as Different Manifestations of Vacuum Energy

Author(s): Kabir A. Umar* and Benjamin G. Ayatunji

Dark energy and dark matter are both described as different manifestations of vacuum energy within the framework of Rute. It describes gravitational inversion in a dimensional symmetry and interactions regulated by constraints. In this framework, the bare vacuum energy component exists in a gravitationally inert state where actual gravitational constant Go=0G, while real particles oscillates between this inert state and the active state where Go=2G. The background effect of neutrino substrates in the inert state makes Go>0G in such state, causing the gravitation of virtual particles with positive pressure appearing as hot and cold dark matter. A non-zero component of vacuum energy also spills into the gravitationally active state as a cosmological constant form of dark energy. This is due to an energy density constraint and speed limit asymmetry between the two gravitational states that limits the capacity of the inert state to contain the entire vacuum energy component. This form of dark energy and dark matter, are both parameterized by a common asymmetry parameter Γ which is suppressed in deep gravitational potential wells. Rute predicts a testable Gravitational Wave Reheating (GWR) mechanism in which gravitational waves produce electromagnetic secondaries in the presence of negative pressure such as that from strong magnetic fields and even dark energy. This mechanism which may explain Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) and Excess Radio Background (ERB) is also suppressed by the positive curvature of deep gravitational wells.

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