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Theory of The Way Universe Exists

Author(s): Yang Yu Xin

All the Matter systems from the micro world to the macro world exist in a series of superimposed rotational motions, the universe must be a hierarchical structure, all the layered structure of matter exists in the connecting sleeve (cover) motion of matter, the whole space and time of the universe are the result of this movement, Without connecting sleeve (cover) movement of matter; there will be no time and space. And Reciprocating forever, the universe exists in this form, this is an objective fact. The relationship between them is essentially the relation of superposition motion of matter. All matter Systems are moving in a curve or rotate motion, matter, motion, space, time and photons exist in the form of a series of connecting sleeve (cover) motion of substances. This is the fundamental way to unify all matter in the universe and its movement and space, time, power and energy, V C final synthesis speed  , 2 E mc  , gravitation is the result of connecting sleeve (cover) movement and Velocity superposition of matter, Particles with very small mass will partially or completely separate from the motion of the superposition of the speed of matter and near belongs to or completely belongs to state of the universe as a whole. This is actually the trace of the matter Connecting sleeve (cover) motion, these trajectories show important information, it is these tiny particles that enable us to see the visible things of the universe.

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