The Van Leusen Imidazole Synthesis is utilized to Synthesize Imidazole-Based Medicinal Molecules

Author(s): Sherlyn Joe

In therapeutic science, imidazole and its subordinates are quite possibly the most significant and all-inclusive heterocycle. These mixtures exhibit a wide scope of huge pharmacological or organic activities because of their interesting primary properties, and they are often investigated and involved by drug organizations for prescription revelation. The van Leusen response in light of Tosylmethylisocyanides (TosMICs) is perhaps the most suitable procedure for synthetizing imidazole-based drug mixtures, and it is turning out to be more famous because of its advantages. Utilizing the van Leusen immobilization strategy, we talk about current accomplishments in the substance blend and bioactivity of imidazole-containing remedial little atoms in this review.

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