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The synthesis of novel Linear-globular dendritic copolymer (ABA) using (-) LAscorbic acid (vitamin C)

Author(s): A.H.Massoudi, P.Afarigan, M.Jahangir, Alireza Shams

Ascorbic acid- polyethylene glycol- ascorbic acid (AA-PEG-AA) triblock dendrimer as biocompatible compound containing G1, G2 and G3 were applied as a drug- delivery system. The syntheses of novel liner- dendritic copolymers were achieved via tow procedures. In the first procedure synthesis of the copolymers carried out through an esteri fication reaction using thionyl chloride and pyridine. In the second procedure copolymers was prepared using dicyclohexylcarbodimide (DCC) and pyridine. The ascorbic acid as the monomer unit was used for the preparation of ester-globular fragments. Diacid poly (ethylene glycol) was chlorinated and diacyl halide poly (ethylene glycol) prepared and used as the core. The structure definition and analysis of the new resulted triblock copolymers and their complexes were carried out using NMR, opticalmicroscopy, FT- IR methods.

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