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The Relationship between the Speed of Light and Ï?

Author(s): Keir McCormack HS

In writing and illustrating A Picture Book For Our Universe, the author believed that he has uncovered an unknown relationship between the speed of light and π. This project began with the hopes of making complex areas of science a little easier to understand, exploring Einstein's Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, the Big Bang and more. By tracing back the history of major discoveries, he found that the way in which units of measurement are determined may provide a hidden clue to revealing the secrets of our universe. As a result, he is inclined to believe that the moment of creation that led to our Big Bang may in fact be happening all around us, a continual process at each and every moment giving birth to the existence of length, mass and time. This hypothesis is based on evidence combining mathematical equations of a Half-Period of a Pendulum, Newton’s Second Law and Einstein’s Equivalence Principle.

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