Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-Microbial Activity of 3-{4-[3-Chloro-2-(Substitutedphenyl)-4-Oxoazetidin-1yl] Phenyl}-6-Bromo-2-Phenylquinazoline-4-One

Author(s): Deepa Gor, Pinka Patel and P. S. Patel

Heterocyclic compounds have so far been synthesized mainly due to the wide range of biological activities. Azetidine plays an important role in biological field. From these reviews we synthesized a new series of 3-{4-[3-chloro-2- (substituted phenyl)-4-oxoazetidin-1yl] phenyl}-6-bromo-2-phenylquinazoline-4-one derived from the refluxes method of Schiff base in presence of tri-ethyl amine with chloro acetyl chloride is developed. The title compounds were characterized by element analysis, IR, NMR and spectral data. All the compounds were tested for their antibacterial and antifungal activities by Cup Borer method.

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