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Synthesis and Study of Some Novel Benzothiazole Derivatives as Antimicrobial Agents

Author(s): Jayesh Maru, G. R. Patel, Rakesh Yadav and Bhavin Bhatt

We have synthesized some novel benzothiazole derivatives as antimicrobial agents by condensation of N-(4-Acetylphenyl)- 2-(benzothiazole-2-ylsulfanyl)-acetamide with different substituted of aniline in the presence of catalytic amount of acetic acid. The intermediate was prepared by reaction of N-(4-acetylphenyl)-2-chloroacetamide with benzthiazol in the presence of K2CO3. A new series of benzothiazole having azomethine group were confirmed by IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, mass spectroscopy and elemental analysis. The new compounds examined for antibacterial effects again different strain of bacteria and antifungal were high to lowest minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) values.

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