Study of Drinking Water Quality in Soudhabad Area

Author(s): C. P. Mohammed Kutty, P. T. Abdurahiman and M. Jahfar

The recent analysis was carried out to evaluate the magnitude of the physico-chemical parameters of the drinking water of Soudhabad of the Malappuram district. The examination of water is necessary for assessing its quality to provide a pure and whole some water to the public for drinking and other purposes. The results point out that almost all the values of the parameters measured for well water samples are too low to reach the standard values indicating clearly no pollution or very less pollution status of the well water. The turbidity value of one sample is very high, which may be due to the suspended particles in the tank (water is pumped directly into the tank without any process). The low pH values in the southern part of the village necessitated soil analysis. The well water is safe for human consumption, of course with proper treatment like coagulation and disinfection and deserves for irrigation and other uses, in the stretch of investigation.

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