Studies on poly (acrylamide)/Starch/Bentonite superabsorbent composites: Synthesis and characterization

Author(s): Amarjeet A.Pal, Rohit D.Karande, V.V.Shertukde

A polyacrylamide/Bentonite/Starch superabsorbent composite was synthesized by solution polymerization of acrylamide (AAm) on Bentonite and Starch using N,N -methylene bis acrylamide (MBA) as a cross linker and potassium persulphate (KPS) as an initiator in aqueous solution followed by hydrolysis with sodium hydroxide. The effects of variable factors such as initialmonomer concentration, amount of cross linker, initiator, and bentonite clay on water absorbencywere investigated. The graft copolymerization reaction ofAAm on Bentonite and Starch was characterized by FTIR. The morphology of prepared superabsorbent composites was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The water absorbencies for these superabsorbent composites in water and saline solutions were investigated. The super absorbent composite synthesized under optimal conditions with Bentonite exhibits absorption of 980g/g in distilled water and 163g /g in saline solution.

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