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Stem Cell Research: An Overview

Author(s): Shatadru Bhattacharjee

A primary cell can reproduce itself or give rise to more specialized cell type is known as stem cell. The stem cell is the primogenitor at the top of the family tree among all type of cell [1-7]. One blood stem cell gives birth to red blood cells (RBC), white cells (WBC) and platelets stem cells that vary in their developmental capacity. A multi-potent stem cell can give birth to several types of mature cell. A pluripotent stem cell can give birth to all types of adult tissue cells and extra embryonic tissue cells which support embryonic development inside fetus[8-14]. A totipotent stem cell can give birth to a new individual given appropriate maternal support. The current growth of stem cell research is quiet good from last few decades. Stem cell therapy has capabilities of regenerating any human tissue damaged by injury, disease or ageing could be available within a few years. In this review there are few discussion related to current stem cell research and development [15-21].

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