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Special Training in Medical Microbiology and Recent Advances in Droplet Microfluidics for Microbiology

Author(s): Cherry Paul

Advances in microbiology rely upon improvements in technology. Droplet microfluidics, as a flexible and effective approach that permits high-throughput technology and manipulation of sub Nano liter quantity droplets, has grown to be an integral device moving experimental paradigms in microbiology. Droplet microfluidics has opened new avenues to numerous microbiological researches, from resolving single-mobileular heterogeneity to investigating spatiotemporal dynamics of microbial communities, from unique quantitation of microbiota to systematic decipherment of microbial interactions, and from setting apart uncommon and uncultured microbes to enhancing genetic engineered strains. In this review, we gift latest advances of droplet microfluidics in numerous fields of microbiology: microbial cultivation, microorganism detection and characterization, antibiotic susceptibility testing, microbial interactions, microbial biotechnology

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