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Solar Radiation Determination for Solar Energy Applications: Case Study for Two Different Sites in Egypt

Author(s): Haroun AE, Ahmed G, Emad AA and Zainab MA

Solar energy is going to be a main substitute for fossil fuels in the coming years for its clean and renewable nature. Egypt has a very high potential of incident solar radiation that could be used efficiently as an alternate source of clean energy. The average annual solar radiation energy incident over Egypt varies from 5 to 9 kW h/m2/day. Several empirical models have been developed to calculate the solar radiation using various parameters. The daily average and monthly average global solar radiation are calculated from three important parameters through year 2012. The parameters are temperature, relative humidity and extraterrestrial solar radiation at two different sites in Egypt, Marsa Matrouh (coastal area) and Qena (desert area). Multiple linear regression model was applied for calculations. The Comparison between the measured (Gm) and calculated (Gc) global solar radiation are analyzed for model verification.

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