Simultaneous Effect of Cadmium and Mercury on Some Biochemical Parameters of Testis Function in Male Rats

Author(s): Samir Haouem, Karima Dardouri and Abdelhamid El Hani

Cadmium chloride (100 mg/L) and/or mercuric chloride (25 mg/L) were given as drinking water to male Wistar rats for 10 weeks, to investigate their simultaneous effect on testes function. The administration of cadmium separately or in combination with mercury induces a decrease in serum testosterone levels, whereas mercury appeared to have no effect on this parameter. Results indicate that the administration of cadmium separately appeared to have no effect on malondialdehyde concentration in the testes, whereas in mercury and in combined metals treated groups this parameter shows a significant decrease compared to control group. The levels of glutathione (GSH) in the testis were increased significantly in all treated groups with a more remarked effect in mercury and in combined metals treated rats. In conclusion, from the above results, it is clear that there is not an additive effect between these two metals.

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