Simultaneous Effect of Cadmium and Mercury on Some Biochemical Parameters of Kidney Function in Male Rats

Author(s): Samir Haouem, Mohamed Fadhel Najjar and Abdelhamid El Hani

The present investigation has been undertaken to evaluate the alterations in kidney functions of male rats exposed to cadmium chloride (300 mg/L) and mercury chloride (40 mg/L) either alone or in combination in drinking water for 4 weeks. Results indicated a decrease in the body weight gain and an increase in kidney relative weight in all the treated rats as compared to control rats. We noted also an increase in serum creatinine concentration in cadmium group and no changes was signalized in the others treated groups, while serum urea concentration was increased in cadmium and combined treated rats and no change was observed in mercury treated rats. The comparison of combined treatment effect to individual treatment effect revealed that this effect is not additive.

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