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Relationship between Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

Author(s): Neha Anand

In studies it is found that there is strong link between heart disease and diabetes. There is chance of heart disease in patient with diabetes and in past some year’s incidence rate of heart disease in diabetic patient has increases more than 2 times. As we know cardiovascular disease is the major cause of death in men and women worldwide. There is tremendous advancement for the treatment of cardiovascular disease in past two decades has reduced the rate of death with heart attack or stroke. But since incidence of diabetes is increasing steadily so new cardiovascular complications are also increasing and till now improvement in survival of diabetic patient in less than half. So there is need for taking care of diabetes and conditions that come with it can help world to reduce the chances of heart disease or stroke. In studies it is also found that, two out of three diabetes people die from heart disease or stroke. If a person is diabetic the risk of cardiovascular disease rises for a number of reasons like Hypertension, abnormal blood lipids and obesity, all risk factors in their own right for cardiovascular disease, occur more regularly in people with diabetes. Diabetes also affects the heart muscle, causing both systolic and diastolic heart failure.

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